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    Character Sheet Redo

    Kyouri Kai

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    Character Sheet Redo

    Post by Kyouri Kai on Sun 16 Mar 2008, 4:31 pm

    Most of you have already noticed that the original groups have been removed. Those of you still carrying around sig banners can either keep them for keepsake or remove them.. your choice. Instead of dividing the members down the middle, we're going to split us all up into many different teams: teams that will all battle against all the other teams. The basics of the new team structure is still geared toward anime and manga, but no specific anime or manga is the basis for the new team rp game.

    We are going to actually utilize both the Character Sheet on this forum, as well as the RP Board. But it doesn't end there. We will also be utilizing the internet and the real world with our new rp game. More information on that in a few days with the monthly forum update news.

    You have probably also noticed new teams listed on the bottom of the forum page stating 'A' - 'Z', with 20 letters missing in between. Those are not the new team names, just place holders. Once the teams are actually established, those letters will be changed to the team's new name. The colors may change as well, but not too much.

    So what do you do? Go to the Teams Arena at the bottom of the forum page and do your thing in both the 'Strength/Intelligence/Wisdom' thread and the 'Special Weapon' thread. Then make sure to include your thing on your Character Sheet on your profile page, which for the most part, is editable by you.

    The whole new team set-up is to get more members involved, members that didn't wish to choose between Bleach and Naruto, and rightfully so, since there is more to the world of anime than just those two.

    Is this just an information post? Yes.. there is some information for you in here, but.. once you look over the new Character Sheet (if yours is not showing up, click on 'generate character sheet' at the bottom of your profile page), come back here and post up any ideas or suggestions you have to include on the sheets. YES.. each team will consist of more than just one race, so go ahead and choose your race, even though you have not been placed on, or chosen a team yet. The diversity of races upon the teams is going to prove an asset for each team.

    Also, we may not be limited to only 6 teams, although we only have 6 established right now. This is a topic for later discussion, as we're not sure whether to keep the teams small.. say 4, or go up to 10-12 members per team. All teams will be as equal as possible as far as member count goes, and again, finite details will be worked out, including switching teams.. you will see that some of the races and qualities are not completely trustworthy afterall. Wink

    Go on.. what are you waiting for? You're done reading now.

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