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    Looking for a new tomorrow


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    Looking for a new tomorrow

    Post by Watari on Thu 28 Aug 2008, 2:23 am

    Remember your humanity and forget the rest.
    - Bertrand Russell

    Given the nature of being human and living in a technological society, we are always looking for the next best thing, our next fix if you will, in essence we're looking for a new tomorrow. People in general are unhappy in living for the moment, in living for today, instead they rather focus on tomorrow, hoping that it will be better. When we are so focused on what tomorrow will bring we tend to lose grasp of what's going on today, and when we do that we will be unable to cope with the situation at hand.

    Society has made it so that we need to have the newest and best in order to be socially acceptable, if you don't have the fastest car, the biggest house, the most money, then really society has deemed you to be less important. So given that mindset to our youth, our up and coming leaders of the new society, you have just guaranteed that most of those people will grow up to view themselves as a failure and they will keep looking for that new tomorrow at any cost. Corporate Business relies on these people to keep their business growing and going, flaunting the biggest and newest toys, throw a few half naked celebrities maybe a catchy tune in an Ad and "BAM!" you have a product that will pretty much sell its self to the consumer hungry market of America. Business' like these will guarantee that we'll keep looking for that new tomorrow regardless what's happening today.

    The American Healthcare System (AHS) is another area keeps people looking for that new tomorrow, rising cost in health care and in health insurance has left many people with out health insurance and quality health care. Now the government in the 1960's introduced the FQHC (Federally Qualified Healthcare Clinics) this was to "fight the war on poverty", now the premise behind these clinics is that the federal government will give the clinic X amount of dollars to run the clinic and supply the clinic and pay the employees in return the clinic cannot make a profit (you know they all do they just have ways around it, Bonuses anyone?!) and these clinics are suppose to never turn a patient away for any reason, even if they can't pay (you know, they turn them away!) So they develop this scale that each clinic needs to go by, if the patients HOUSEHOLD income is below a certain amount that patient will have to pay no more that $10 in most cases (FQHC also doesn't cover medications in some areas of the country like Alaska, Arizona and New Mexico). But what does a patient receive at clinics like these? Low quality healthcare, generally the people working at these clinics are fresh out of college or are even still in college, most of these clinics don't even have a dental program. Some will argue that these clinics that the quality of healthcare is high as these clinics are also required to keep strict records on what services were preformed through out the fiscal year, these reports are called UDS reports (uniformed datat statistics report) and track anything from Diabetes to prenatal care as well as pass vigorous government standards inspection (we all know how good of a job the government does on that).

    So now the question is why do people have to resort to this kind of healthcare? Why can't people receive the same level of healthcare as the next person? I guess it's a long shot of hope to actually see some humanity develop in society, I just have to say that hopefully as individuals we can't break away from our dependence on corporate business and slowly break through and show our independence, maybe then we can stop looking for a new tomorrow and start looking at today.

    I hold that to need nothing is divine, and the less a man
    needs the nearer does he approach divinity.