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    Thank you, President Obama

    Kyouri Kai

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    Thank you, President Obama

    Post by Kyouri Kai on Wed 05 May 2010, 9:34 pm

    Heard a segment of the Rush Limbaugh radio broadcast earlier today and he asked what Obama has actually done for the United States. He states that Obama has only demonized those that do not agree with him, seeks more power for himself, and instills a larger government. Limbaugh bluntly states these facts and asks again... "What has Obama done for America? Name me one thing Obama has actually done for 'America'." He answered quite bluntly, "Nothing!"

    Well I tend to disagree. Oh don't get me wrong, I whole heartedly agree that Obama has been on a self-proclaimed power trip and I agree that every time something is amiss Obama calls for more government in order to deal with the 'unprecedented crisis'. He's driven us further into debt and does demonize anyone that refuses to see things his way. However, Obama himself said that we should be thanking him for all that he has done, I also agree with that. The one most important thing Obama has done for us, the American citizens, is bring politics back into our lives at an exponential rate that not even Limbaugh, Beck, or Palin could pull off.

    Yes, there are still those that waltz around with their blinders on only seeing what it is that directly affects their little lives without a care in the world for the larger picture. Yes, there are those that are still filtering into this country from every corner of the globe (although it's been established that Earth is not flat) that have no constitutional say about our political system. But overall, politics has been thrust upon the American citizens in a way that not even elementary school children can deny being privy to.

    We are now seeing the true divide amongst us Americans. It's not solely based upon skin color anymore, although some on the left wish to believe that only old rich white males belong to the Tea Party. Which btw, is not true. And there are some on the right that still believe only those of color wish to be catered to with an abundance of entitlements, which again, is simply not true. The ratio is irrelevant when the truth is, there are blacks, women, and broke ass people at the base of the Tea Party movement, just as there are a plethora of white folk looking to spend their free paychecks on drugs and alcohol. So no, this ancient divide is not about race, religion, or monetary status, or even political party affiliations. No, this divide is all about core beliefs embedded within us that makes us who we are as individuals.

    So from the bottom of my heart, I sincerely thank our current president, Barrack Hussein Obama, for waking up those that slumbered for far too many decades. Thank you... for your actions, and lack thereof, have reminded many just what it is about government that truly makes it tick, yet has been laid to the wayside. Thank you for instilling the constitution which you so abhor, back into the forefront of our minds and reminding us that this country is "of the people, for the people, and by the people"!!!